Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dear Kirkland...

Who is going to take this over and start blogging again? Anyone out there in artland and want to head this thing up?



Thursday, September 23, 2010

and the winner is...

House favorite + winner is #1

Danni Xie, Mysore, India 'Hanging Clothes to Dry'

Runner up is #10

Amanda Nguyen, Perseverance

Best use of light is # 12

Nicole Casart Hilo, Hawaii 'Sunset at Coconut Island'

Most unique is #9

Serena Zhang, Butchart Gardens, 'Road to Oz'

Wild card is #2

Laura D'Asaro, Lamu, Kenya 'Haraka Haraka Haina Baraka (Hurry Hurry Has no Blessings)'

Friday, September 17, 2010

Summer Photo Contest for your fave!

VIEW all submissions by clicking HERE
Thank you for voting!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer Photo Contest

Another Kirkland Photo show off your mad talent and share your summer adventures. This month's theme is 'summer' however that may be interpreted. Please e-mail one submission per Kirklander (unless it is really a series) to kirsten at by Thurs. Sept. 16th.

Photos will be judged by 5 tutors and a house-wide vote for best in show.

please include, along with your photo in jpeg format...
your name:
date taken:
location shot:
type of camera:
title of work:

good luck shutterbugs!

image via the blue hour

*The winner of this contest will have their photo framed and featured in Scott's office from September-October

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sophomore Exquisites

Dearest Kirkland Sophomores,

The Kirkland Art Lounge would like to invite you to participate in the first Kirkland art event of the year, Sophomore Exquisites!

To acquaint you with your fellow Kirklanders' awesome creative talent, and provide you with a lovely piece of wall art for your new room, please do the following...

1. pick up a large sheet of paper from the dining hall (table near the meeting room)
2. in the top right corner write down your room number as well as all your roommates names
3. turn paper over
4. using any sort of medium you would like (pens, paint, markers, pencil etc.) draw or write some things on the front of the paper. this can be anything you want, you can choose a theme, or just start drawing creative
5. You don't have to fill the paper too much, leave a little white space
6. Find another room in Kirkland whose inhabitants you do not already know
7. carefully roll up your paper and stick it in the door.
8. knock loudly
9. run away

Kirklanders: when you find these Sophomore Exquisites, please allow all of your roommates to add to the drawing before you repeat steps 4-9 until you see that you are the 5th room to participate, in which case you will return the Sophomore Exquisites to the sophomores in the beginning room #1.

Sophomores: when you receive the finished piece of art, please take it to Kate in the office, who will scan it and then we can put it on this blog to share with everyone.

I would also recommend hanging it up in your common room (with the special tacky stuff Scott has in the office, please) and inviting everyone who worked on it to a little room party*

*I do not endorse crazy room parties, just nice little art parties ;)

Tuesday, September 7 Sophomore Exquisites starts with room #1
Sunday, September 12: SE ends with room #5
history of exquisite corpse drawings here
if you need some motivation check out vitamin d
'carry on' by amy kligman

Back to Kirkland ART events for Fall 2010!

Welcome back Kirkland! I hope you all had an amazing summer full of family, friends and hopefully some new adventures! The Kirkland Art Lounge has missed you and can't wait to hear about your newest creative endeavors. If you have anything awesome to share relating to your summer, art making or anything else, please send me a link, photos or a write up and I will be happy to post it!

Upcoming Art Events for Kirkland House include:

Sophomore Exquisites will start on Thursday, September 7

Summer Photo Contest (submit to kirsten by Thur, September 16)

Each week, Kirkland Art Lounge will be interviewing a few of you for our blog, so be prepared to answer like 5 questions about your favorite art and send us a photo of yourself in a creative pose ;)

Upcoming Harvard/Cambridge Art Events include:

one of my favorites, penelope umbrico at carpenter center
all night clay party on sept. 9
installation and talk by ruth bauer sept. 15
make like ghost and get some clay action at one of the ceramics classes offered each fall
AVEDON fashion photo show at the MFA
COLLEGE NIGHT sept. 23 at the MFA FREE!
and be sure to check out the Harvard Arts Beat here
xoxo, k

Sunday, July 25, 2010

African Art Awesomeness

Are you interested in Africa, Art and a chance to win $250?
Then check out something exciting taking place at Harvard this fall...

If you or someone you know is interested in submitting art work to this competition,
please contact Meghan Healy at the Committee on African Studies: (617) 495-5265 or